All Things Good!

CaptainAmericaLast week I had the immense pleasure of interviewing a wonderful woman by the name of Shannon Gabor. She runs Clever Creative, a creative design agency and she’s just a wonder to be around. She’s happy, positive, she laughs all the time and she makes you feel like you’ve known her for years and you’re somehow her best friend. While all these things about her impressed me to the core, there was one thing that touched me more than anything else. She has a mantra, one that has permeated her entire life from her personal to her professional, one that she declares with so much joy and power, it’s impossible not to believe it…All things good!

No matter what is happening in her life, no matter where she is, whether she’s in a happy place or a challenging place, whether she’s just had the biggest accomplishment of her life so far or whether she feels like she can’t find a solution to her problem, she holds that in her heart and repeats it if needed until she believes it.

Over the years, I’ve had my own mantras, some that have stayed the same and some that have evolved over time, but I’ve never really had one that permeated all aspects of my life, one that felt so much a part of myself that it inserted itself into every breath I took. It got me inspired to find my own life mantra, that one sequence that celebrates everything and honors both the winnings and the losses.

As I was trying to figure out what that mantra could be for me, I remembered that one of my mentors from years ago. She used to believe that each person has a superpower, something they do at a different level than anyone else, something that defines them to the very core even when they try to block it or put walls against it. In a moment of vulnerability, she told me that my superpower was the ability to lead with unconditional love, something she had never seen quite at that level before. Of course, it helped that most people would remember my name by deconstructing it into Lav-in-ya and it sounded like Loving you.

So there it was, my mantra had been there all along…I am Lav (Love)!

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