Love More, Invest More!

I read an article recently about business, leadership, and personal relationships in which the author proclaimed: “Although we all crave deeper connections and long to be part of a greater whole, we’re all incredibly scared of being vulnerable.” While the article was completely focused on business and leadership relationships and was emphasizing the importance of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in business environments instead of always keeping the business proper attitude, it got me thinking about personal connections too.

Indonesia Sunset

We crave a deeper connection with every relationship we have, yet many times our fears hold us back so much so that we deny ourselves that deeper connection before we can even figure out if there’s a potential for a deeper connection around us. The reality is however that the more we invest, the more we get in return. It may not look the way we imagined, it may not seem exactly as we thought it would be, but most of the times, the more vulnerable and connected we are, the closer and more authentic our relationships are.

Brené Brown says that people who have a strong sense of love and belonging know that vulnerability is a necessity and they believe that their vulnerability is their most treasured and most beautiful asset. In her extensive research on the subject, she has time and time again seen that the most daring person is the person who can reveal their soul, stand authentically in their power, love without expecting the same in return and take a chance on vulnerability.

When you look at your life, at your connections, which ones do you think are worth taking the leap of faith, opening your heart and becoming vulnerable? Isn’t it time you invested your heart and soul into your life, isn’t it time you created that send of love and belonging?

2 responses to “Love More, Invest More!

  1. Love this post! It hits a part of me that I’ve been battling with lately. Debating if I should continue to invest myself into someone or allow the fear of the unknown to hold me back? Relationships aren’t valued as much as they use to be. There was a purpose to being with someone in the past generations.


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