Maybe Letting Go Isn’t The Answer

“Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather learning to start over.” – Nicole Sobon, Program 13

I keep reading these articles lately about Letting Go and Moving On. Seems like the entire world has decided in the eve of all these upcoming holidays that it’s time to let go. We are advised to let go of the past, let go of the people and things that no longer serve us, let go of that job we may not like anymore or that friend who’s been a little too annoying lately. In this culture of constantly letting go and constantly being told to let go even more, have we gotten to the point where we let go just too easily of the things that maybe we shouldn’t let go of?

BatuCavesTempleWhat if we do hold on to some of those people and things that no longer serve us and in the spirit of the holidays, we don’t discard them as we discard the Christmas tree on January 3rd because it no longer serves us, but we try to view it in a different light, give them a chance to reveal themselves as something more than they appear on the surface.

Maybe letting go is not actually the higher ground, but looking for more is. Trying to be that person who always sees the good even when it seems like there’s none, maybe that’s what taking the higher ground is. If we look back at all the people who have achieved amazing things in their lives, they’re not the people who simply let go of everything that no longer served them, they’re the ones who kept going, kept looking, kept going, who didn’t let go, and didn’t move on just because it wasn’t convenient or easy.

This time around, when you sit down and write your resolutions for the New Year or when you think about the upcoming holidays about the people and things in your life that seemingly no longer serve you, maybe you can just change your perspective, maybe it’s time to NOT let go and NOT move on, maybe it’s just time to start over and see the good in life and in people.

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