Sometimes There Are No Words

To say that this weekend didn’t turn out as planned would be an understatement. I had made plans for Thanksgiving and my birthday over a month in advance and I was quite happy and excited about them. Until about two days before when the plans fell through with no warning and I had to come up with a last minute Plan B. As it turns out Plan B was better than anything I could have ever imagined with Plan A.

I got to spend Thanksgiving with one of my favorite families, to be part of such warmth, love, care, and sweetness, not to mention deliciously yummy food. Then joined an even better tradition of the Ashkenazi family (aka one of my adopted families), which is a group outing to the movies after Thanksgiving dinner. We saw The Good Dinosaur and needless to say there was a scene there about family and belonging that completely made me cry…shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!ThanksgivingThen there was my birthday! I may have woken up at 5am with my phone already blowing up with wishes from far away places in the world. From near and far friends, family and acquaintances were finding ways to reach out to me and let me know how loved I am. The day continued with a beautiful trip to Santa Barbara with Captain Nemo and eating lunch at one of my favorite seafood places in the harbor, eating chocolate, drinking wine and celebrating.SantaBarbara1-002Of course I had to have a sunset on the beach on my birthday even though it was windy and freezing. But it was totally worth it as the sun went down in a most gracious way while kite surfers were doing their dances in the warm light. The drive back I just kept smiling and feeling grateful for the abundance of love and joy in my heart. My heart was so full!SunsetKiteI got back home to get ready for dinner and I just couldn’t stop smiling. Little did I know that when I would walk into my bedroom, I would be in for another surprise. A gorgeous white orchid and a happy birthday balloon with the most loving note all the way from NY, from my dear Wendell, who thought it was a good idea to make me cry on my birthday…of course they were happy tears so it was totally worth it.orchid copy-001The tears were followed by a homemade dinner with even more wine to celebrate the day, great conversations and amazing people. I fell asleep smiling, feeling warm and grateful, surrounded by love.DinnerBut that wasn’t all because more beautiful purple flowers found their way in my bedroom in the morning along with an amethyst bracelet from my lovely roommate, Amelie who also seemed to had her heart set out to make me cry. As I sat on the side of my bed smiling and crying at the same time, I had this thought about how the Plan B is sometimes the best plan and the people who are meant to be in our lives always find a way to be there no matter what.PurpleBraceletFacebook, Whatsapp, my email, my phone were flooded with messages of love and good wishes from people from all over the world, some whom I’ve known for as long as I’ve known myself, others that I just met; some that I talk to every day and others that I haven’t seen or spoken to in quite sometime; and others that I don’t even know, but who read my blog and felt compelled to send wishes my way.

As the celebrations continued into the weekend with some delicious sushi and dessert with the one and only, Peter; then a wonderful dinner with friends followed by a crazy dessert spread offered by the manager at The Morrison and an incredible light show at the LA Zoo that may have included a ride in the carousel with the lovely Lodric who always reminds me to be a kid no matter how old I am; I realized there are no words I could ever use to thank everyone for the amazing role they play in my life or for how special they make me feel every day and particularly this weekend, because yes it was a whole weekend of celebrating, not just a few hours. And what’s crazy is that the celebrations will continue well into this week.PicsArt_11-28-004PicsArt_11-29-005PicsArt_11-29-006Thank you will never be enough to express how I feel about this weekend and the people who were part of it! All I could every say is this!RightNextDoor

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