Believe In Miracles

BelieveInMiraclesAt the beginning of 2015, I declared that it would be the year of bringing back the magic; now as 2015 is ending I look back on a year full of magic and look forward to a year of amazing accomplishments. If 2015 taught me one thing is to believe in miracles, believe in the good, and believe in love and its amazing transformative capabilities.

I learned that some people will stay loyal and strong no matter what and will bring a smile to your face no matter how hard life gets while others will turn on a dime when the circumstances don’t suit them anymore which only makes the loyal ones more amazing and more valued.

I learned that some people are lucky enough to have more than one family, the one they were born into, but also a lot of other ones they get adopted into and I’m one of those lucky people.

I learned that love really does conquer all, that we can meet everything in life with love, with a smile, and compassion, even the people that we chose not to have in our lives. And on that note, that the love we have for ourselves, our happiness, and our wellbeing should surpass everything else in our lives. If we don’t love ourselves unconditionally, how can we ever love someone else?

And I’ve learned that sometimes loving myself means not allowing other people to break my spirit and moving on with the firm belief that my life is better without them than it ever was with them.

I’ve learned to believe in miracles and I hope you did too! Happy 2016!

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