What I Learned By Feng Shui-ing My Life

I’ve been busy the past two weeks on a mission to Feng Shui my bedroom, from choosing the right colors to putting the right objects in the right corners and so on. It all started with a late night reading. I decided a few weeks ago to switch to reading before bed instead of falling asleep to Netflix so I stumbled upon an article about Valentine’s day and bringing love into your life and down the Google rabbit hole, I ended up on this fascinating site about Feng Shui and how to use it to improve the vibrations in your home.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.29.34 AMNeedless to say, the next morning, bright and early, I was moving around my furniture and buying a new duvet cover. While the color palate in my home matched my taste and a lot of the Feng Shui principles, the arrangement of the furniture was completely off. I learned all I could from this amazing website Ms. Feng Shui, that’s beautifully written for anyone to understand and learn from. While the website offers professional services for those who want to hire a consultant to completely revamp the energy in their home or office, I was able to learn enough to change the vibrations by making just a few alterations.

I won’t go into details about the how to part, as I believe the website presents the information in a more thorough way than I could ever do, but I will tell you what changed as a result of using Feng Shui in my bedroom.

  1. It’s more peaceful. The type of peace you can feel when you walk in, the kind that makes you smile just slightly in the corner of your mouth because you know you’re in a good place and there’s a lot of good energy around you.
  1. I sleep so much better. I’ve always been a good sleeper and I’m lucky enough to be a deep sleeper too, but ever since I made these changes, I wake up even more rested and refreshed as if all the good vibrations of this earth and moving through my mind and body as I dream away.
  1. I started getting good news every day. Now this was a big one as I was expecting news in a few areas of my life. So I made sure to place the right objects in those areas and allow the energy to flow freely in those quadrants. And so it did, the news started coming in better and faster than I ever expected. I even got news about certain areas of my life in which I’ve been waiting for updates forever.
  1. My meditation session improved. I’ve shared in the past many times my struggles with meditation as I have a restless mind that sometimes gets ahead of me and I have to find new and creative ways of keeping my meditation practice on track. Once the Feng Shui areas were in order and I had a particular place to meditate depending on the area in my life I was dealing with, my mind began to calm down, relax and sink into the meditation practice.
  1. The plants in my home started growing faster. I had this vase of bamboo that had looked the same for the past year or maybe more, but within a week of doing the Feng Shui space clearing and rearranging everything, I noticed a new stalk growing on one of the existing ones and the leaves turning dark green and growing more.

While I’ve always been open to Eastern traditions and bringing magic into my life by allowing the flow of energy and high love vibrations into my heart and my home, I’m a complete believer in the power of Feng Shui and allowing the natural flow of the elements. Next time you question why you might not feel like home at home or maybe your sleep is disturbed, try checking out some Feng Shui advice and watch your life unfold every day.

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