Why Is It So Hard to Get Fired From Google?

I have a few friends who work for Google for various offices in the country. Some of them have been there for almost 10 years, others for a lot less than that, but they all seem to agree, just like the rest of us who don’t work for Google that it’s a great company to work for.


Recently though, one of them said to me: “You know, it’s very hard to get fired from Google?” I looked at him with wonder and asked: “What do you mean? Google seems like a very competitive place, a place where you either raise to the expectations and even above them or you’re out.” The words that followed made everything clear: “They invest so much in the hiring process and then in training their employees that it’s almost impossible to get fired. They just keep of teaching you so you’d have to be completely disinterested to get fired…in which case, you probable wouldn’t get hired to begin with.”

It got me thinking about the people in our lives in general. We don’t call it hiring and firing when we make friends and when we let them go, but in a way it’s quite similar. We try to find the best, most suitable people for the friend or life partner role, sometimes we “interview” quite a few people and we put them through a thorough “hiring” process. But what I found most valuable about what my #googler said was actually the part about the investment in trainings and development, in making that person even better than they were when they came on board.

While we’d all love to work for Google and get a glimpse of that experience for ourselves, how about in the meantime, we create that experience in our own environments by investing not only in our betterment, but also in the betterment of the people we value.

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