Are We Judging Too Fast?

A few weeks ago, I met a new friend. I didn’t really know much about him before, except that he was friends with one of my friends and had recently moved to town. As we sat on this lovely patio in Venice, enjoying the beach and the sun, we started talking, revealing new things about our past, our present, our plans for the future.


At some point this couple walked by with the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen. Of course I got all excited as I do most time when I see puppies or kids and my new friend casually said: “I don’t like dogs.” I can’t even imagine the look I had on my face when I turned to him and said: “You don’t like dogs? How can you not like dogs?” I was ready to judge him and put him into the “you will not become my friend” category, when I decided to dig a little deeper into the conversation. He calmly told me that it’s not the dogs he has an issue with, but the dog owners who treat them like spoiled children and let them do whatever they want while thinking that’s cute. I had to agree with him on that. I’ve met amazing dogs and dog owners, but I’ve also met the ones what are just little spoiled brats nobody ever bothered to educate.

No matter what your stand on dogs or other pets is, the whole conversation got me thinking about the many times we are ready to judge the people around us because they have a different perspective than we do or maybe they don’t agree with us? As it happens, this “non-dog-loving” person is making his way to becoming a close friend of mine, but just imagine how much I would have missed out on if I had just stayed with my original reaction of shock and wouldn’t have bothered to look beyond the surface.


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