Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What You Cannot Do

A couple of weeks ago my friends and I decided to do the Zion Subway hike in Utah. Since it was described as a somewhat advanced hike bound to take upwards of 7 hours, part of which we had to walk through the river bed, only a few of us actually dared to do it. So we applied for a permit and set off to plan the trip. The overnight was in Vegas so even though we left Vegas quite early that morning, we were still a bit late picking up the permit as we completely forgot about the one hour time difference between Vegas and Utah.
As we get to the permit counter excited to get on with our hike, the attendant greets us in a somewhat rude voice: “You guys are very late. This is a long, strenuous hike that should have started hours ago. You shouldn’t go.” We mentioned we drove from Vegas, forgot about the one hour time difference, but we’re pretty experienced hikers so we still want to go. As she went off rolling her eyes and giving us a look every few seconds, we actually had to get to the point where we just said: “We understand your concerns, but we don’t think you understand our perspective. WE ARE GOING ON THIS HIKE.” 
She eventually gave us the permit and we headed off on our amazing hike. As it turns out, it was a fantastic day, a strenuous hike, but nevertheless beautiful, a hike full of fun and laughter. We had set a deadline for ourselves for 5pm – that was the turn around time even if we hadn’t gotten to the top by then as we didn’t want to hike in the dark since there’s no trail and the hike is poorly marked. We hiked, we laughed, we had a blast, we stopped to take photos, we went into the pools at the top and even saw a waterfall, we were surrounded by fish, frogs and lizards, we had water breaks and even a lunch break and we finished the entire hike in under 6 hours. Yes, we pushed ourselves and we were determined to get to the top and back before sunset, but we were also clear in our goals. When we told the attendant, we are still going on the hike, we had no doubt that we were going to make it to the top and back and we let no one tell us otherwise.
What are the things in your life you’ve let other people set limitations on? Things that you know in your heart you can achieve, but other people are telling you that you can’t. Isn’t it time you let go of letting other people tell you what you cannot do?

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