Painting The Night Out

My friend Peter totally called me on it about a week ago by saying: What’s the deal with your blog? I keep going on it every week, but there’s nothing new. What am I supposed to read now?”

While I know he reads way more than my blog, I got the message and realized it’s been quite some time since I posted anything. So I figured since Peter’s reminder came around the same time when I was taking my first painting class and painting for the first time since I was 10, I might as well write about that.
It all started with an email inviting a few of us to a painting class with Paint Nite. It was one of those events where you drink wine and eat cheese, while trying your skills at painting. I figured the wine was there just in case our paintings really looked terrible and we needed something to make them look better. I have to admit I was a little nervous about the outcome of my painting, but I was excited to participate.
The night started with a little wine and cheese and the lovely painter, Liz talking to us about what’s to come. We all had our own easel, blank canvas, paints, brushes, aprons and a lot of enthusiasm.
We started off by drawing a big circle that was later to become the full moon. I was hoping I could at least draw a circle that looked round…hahaha! To my surprise, it actually did come out round and I proceeded to blend in the colors as the moon needed a gradient going from while to dark blue and then fading into the black night.
As the moon started to take shape, the painting became even more fun as I slowly realized that if I just followed directions, I might end up with a decent painting. Or maybe by this time I’d had enough wine that everything looked pretty.
Once the moon gradient was completed, it was time for some more painting as we were going to sketch the hill upon which the tree was going to sit. Liz had one great piece of advice for us since we were working with all black: Start small. It’s easy to correct a mistake when you work with light colors, but very difficult to paint over black. And so we did.
While the hill was a somewhat easy to achieve shape, the tree however was a different story. The lines were thinner, more precise. Every time I would look at the painting, I kept imagining the tree from Poltergeist for some reason, but kept trying to think of more happy trees so as not to come up with some scary looking painting.
All in all, it was a fantastic experience that allowed me to tap into a creative side I had no idea I even had. It taught me to let go of the outcome and just have fun and enjoy the moment with friends.
As for the result, I have to say, I’m quite happy with my painting (you can see the original right behind me).

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