Getting Down and Dirty with Idina Menzel

Last week I got the wonderful opportunity or being face to face with Idina Menzel as she was talking about her life, her new album, her son, her new engagement and how she manages everything in her life, while at the same time staying sane and quite lovely.
I got to the event early and she was there right on time, actually a bit early and she walked in casually as if it was the most normal thing in the world for her to talk in front of so many people. She told personal stories about her life about what inspired what she calls “her most personal album yet”, how she got to where she is, her challenges, her successes, her flaws.
I found her genuine and vulnerable, something that is not particularly prevalent in people in Los Angeles, especially not celebrities. A simple, remarkably talented and successful person, with her feet deeply grounded and her head still up in the clouds dreaming.

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