Let’s Run Away And Join The Circus

It happens every time I see a Cirque du Soleil show. I get this weird feeling of running away and joining the circus – no, not really, but it gets me thinking about that feeling of going on an adventure or accomplishing the next step in my life path faster than I had planned before. It’s inspiring, beautiful, fantastic, joyful, full of emotion and love.


It gets me thinking about new journeys and pushing the limits more than any New Year’s resolution ever has as if maybe for a moment I can achieve anything I set my mind to, even something as crazy as joining the circus.

The artists achieve this beautiful balance of strength and flexibility that is some kind of an elusive goal for anyone striving to be an athlete. Most of us are either born more flexible or stronger and we have to work hard to achieve the other, but for them…for them it looks simple and natural, for them it’s that ease of movement that only comes after hours and hours at training at your craft. They leap through the air as if gravity doesn’t affect them and walk on their hands just as natural as the rest of us walk on our feet, but maybe with even better posture. They remind us that hard work and perseverance can transform any of us from a beginner to a professional.

And in the light of that reminder, what’s something that you’re a beginner at today that you’ll like to transform into more, what’s the one thing you’d like to take to the next level and become proficient at?

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