What’s Standing Right In Front Of You?

Do you ever have one of those things that’s standing right in front of you, something you’ve wanted to do, but somehow never really did? Not the things you’ve been dying to do as I’m hoping by now, you’re going for those with all your force, but the things you’ve sort of been wanting to do, but never did because you thought you have plenty of time to do them.


The hike behind the Hollywood Sign was one of those things for me. I’ve been living in LA for almost 5 years and I remember when I moved here that I really wanted to do it. But then life somehow just took over and I never made it to the top. Until this past weekend when I was at the Griffith Observatory with a friend (who’s been living in LA all his life and had never done the hike either) and we were gazing at the sign and decided to finally go for it.

The view from the top was gorgeous, the way there even more amazing, but the question that kept nagging me was: “Why did I wait so long to do it?” I’ve definitely been meaning to do it, but then again how many things do we mean to do, but never end up doing. We have so many things we think about, so many people we’ve been meaning to call, so many ideas we mean to pursue, yet they get lost in the day to day life.


With that in mind, what’s something you’ve been meaning to do, but never go around to it? Isn’t it time you set about doing it?

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