The Women Who Inspire Me #IWD2015

Lavinia Lumezanu

March8Growing up I’ve always felt like I had two moms. It wasn’t any special type of family relationship, it was as simple as this: I had my real mom, the one who gave birth to me, who took care of me every day and then I had her sister, my aunt. Somehow my personality actually matched my aunt more than my mom, maybe because we both got the same genes from my grandfather, but my two moms, along with my grandmother played very special roles in my life. Though this month marks the one year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing, her lessons and her inspiration lives on through my moms and me. In honor of International Women’s Day (#IWD2015), here are 8 things that these amazing women I’ve been priviledged to have in my life have taught me:

  1. Family really is everything. If you’re lucky enough to have a…

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