Let Go of Fear!

If you haven’t seen last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, you might want to stop reading now and go watch it as this post will have a couple of spoilers.


By now, if you read my blog of if you know me in person, you already know I’m completely in love with Grey’s Anatomy. There’s something about that show that I always connect with, something that always related to me somehow or that I’m able to relate with at a deeper level as if somehow the stories are happening to me, as if my life is there in a way. And Meredith, she’s a bit like an alter ego to me, her character has a different life, a different story, yet I can find myself in her way of thinking. She’s rational, calculated, sometimes even a bit cynical, yet she loves with all her heart, she’s loyal and she’s in, she’s in all the way. Her love is total, the loyalty is above and beyond, her determination is out of this world.

In this particular episode, she talks about a note she found, after her mom passed away, that said: “Tell Meredith not to…” As her mom’s mind was being taken by this ruthless disease, she was writing things down so as not to forget them. However, she got to the point where she would forget her thoughts in the middle of writing them down. With nothing to go on and no clue of what her mom’s note could have been about, Meredith wonders what could have been the message.

“I think about my mom’s note all the time – “Tell Meredith not to…” Not to cave? Not to care? Not to give up so easily? Not to fall in love? Not to have children? Not to tell a lie? She left me wondering what to do, what not to do. She left me knowing everything was up to me, and me alone. And, she left me with no one to ask so I would decide what she meant to write. Tell Meredith not to be afraid.”

Meredith could have chosen a million things to believe about what her mom’s last words to her would have been, yet she chose to let go of the fear. Fear, the one thing that can hold us back even when we have everything going for us. The fear to take a chance and change our jobs or tell someone how much they mean to us, the fear of being different, of not fitting in, of speaking our minds, of being too small or too big, of being too much for someone else.

So today, as you’re reading this post, start the day by letting go of fear and tell yourself every day not to be afraid. See what you can accomplish when you let go of fear, when you embrace your life with courage, when you dare greatly and live bravely.

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