Find The Trampoline!

I was reading an article in Ad Week about the one thing that inspired a handful of creative executives in their careers, the thing that pushed them forward even when things weren’t going their way, when they weren’t sure which path to take or what the best road to their goal destination is.

The one that inspired me the most was the advice Joaquín Mollá, chief creative officer, The Community got from one of his mentors.

“Find the trampoline.”

 ‘Joaquín, this is a stair. You go step by step, you keeping going, you keep going. All of a sudden you will now realize that one of the steps becomes a trampoline. And you never know which one is going to be a trampoline.’ I think that set my method of how I work. Always trying to find the trampoline, but never stop going through the stairs. I still remember that every time I’m in the process.”


It got me thinking about the advice I’ve gotten in my life, the one that pushed me forward in every aspect of my life, the one that acted as my trampoline at every step. Mine was more of a life advice rather than a career advice, yet it’s helped me in my career and in my personal life just the same.

“Be the best thing to ever happen to someone!”

I don’t know if this is how it was intended, but this is how I’ve always interpreted it. Do your best, be excellent with your words, with your commitments, your determination, your beliefs, your work, your intentions and your actions. No matter what, be the best version of yourself, be the best thing to ever happen to everyone you meet.

To this day, it’s been the best advice I’ve ever gotten and it has always served me in my career and in my personal life. Maybe because this way, the responsibility is always on me to be the best regardless of whoever is around me or whatever the circumstances are.

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