Why Are All the Big CEOs Waking Up At 5am Every Day? (and why you should do it too)

I have to admit, I’ve always been a morning person. I like opening the curtains before I go to bed and waking up with the sun on my face every morning. I rarely sleep in, even on weekends. But that doesn’t mean that just because I’m awake, I want to get out of bed. No! Sometimes, I just want to grab my Kindle and dive into a 2hr reading session, other times, I scroll through my phone, reply to emails, text messages, check my social media. So, while I do technically wake up early, I do still love my lazy mornings.


Hearing about how all the successful people I admire are doing it though, got me intrigued. They all had a morning ritual that prepared each day for success, which got me thinking about the little steps on the road to success and how they all add to our overall development.

But wake up at 5am and do what? I had no idea how to even begin this morning ritual idea, let alone how to stick with it. I needed something to support and keep me going with all the information I had learned from The Miracle Morning. As with most things in life, the internet had a solution for me in the form of The Sidekick Journal, a science based journal that gets you laser focused on your morning productivity/happiness in 3 minutes every day. Remember those New Year’s resolutions? Research shows that January 17th is the most depressing day of the year, because that’s usually the day by which people ditch their New Year’s resolutions. It’s even been dubbed the Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day.

The Sidekick Journal however was designed around the newest research and behavioral studies, showing that a 66-day cycle is optimal for adding a habit. While most of us are excited about a goal in the first week, by the second and third week, that motivation fades away. That’s where The Sidekick Journal comes in by using actionable strategies and daily motivations to keep you on track.

I stumbled upon Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning, a book that served as a guide for people like Richard Branson, a man who needs no introduction and whose success speaks by itself. In The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod breaks down the morning rituals in 6 easy steps, going by the acronym S.A.V.E.R.S.

S – Silence

Meditate for at least a few minutes every morning. Sit in silence, follow your breath, calm your mind. If you think meditation is not for you, as most of us do in the beginning, try with just a few minutes of silence and breathing and add more time as you get more comfortable with it.

A – Affirmations

What is it you truly believe in and you want to accomplish? Affirm it to the Universe and watch the magic unfold.

V – Visualization

Can you see it? Can you see your goals come true? Imagine them in the deepest detail possible. If your goal is a relationship, imagine your partner, what do they look like, what is the dynamic between you, how does the relationship make you feel, how does your partner make you feel? If it’s your future home, how is it decorated, what does the neighborhood look like?

E – Exercise

Get your body moving. It can be a walk around the block with the dog or an intense workout, whatever your style is, just keep your body moving.

R – Reading

Grab a book. Learn something new every morning. You might think you have no time for reading, but really, you can read or learn something in 5 minutes every morning. That book you’ve been wanting to read – 10 pages every morning will have you finishing it before you know it.

S – Scribe

Write it down! Whether you’re writing down your goals and aspirations or you’re working on your own book, or even if you’re writing your game plan for the day with a detailed to-do list, just sit down and write it.

But what really happened when armed with The Sidekick Journal and The Miracle Morning book. I have to admit, it wasn’t the easiest thing. Some days I woke up full of energy, others I was grumpy and wanted to just go back to sleep, and others I felt like doing some of my rituals, but not others. However, the journal kept me motivated every day, but what I accomplished during the first days of it, is keeping me going for all the 66 days, and hopefully another, and another.

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