Are You Ready For Your World To Change Today?

“Nobody wakes up thinking, ‘my world will explode today. My world will change.’ Nobody thinks that. But sometimes it happens. Sometimes we wake up, we face our fears, we take them by the hand and we stand there… Waiting, hoping, ready for anything.” – Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy


How did you wake up this morning? Were you full of energy or were you groggy? Did you jump out of bed as if you were headed into your greatest adventure or did you linger there for quite some time checking your social media, liking photos, replying to emails, maybe snoozing your alarm a few times?

What if you made a commitment to wake up full of energy every morning, ready to face anything that comes your way, regardless of what you have planned. What if you woke up ready to face whatever life brings you, facing your fears, taking every opportunity, knowing that your world will be better at the end of each day. While preparing for the unexpected is quite impossible, here are a few things you can do every day to make yourself as ready as possible for your world to explode in the most amazing day ever.

  1. Face your fears. What are some things that you may have put off or may have been afraid of? Maybe it’s time to start doing some of them. If you start facing your “little fears”, when the “big fears” show up in your life, you will already have the perfect mindset to deal with them.
  2. Exercise. I know, I know the idea of exercising the second you get out of bed seems like a drag, but instead of making it a drag, take that one type of exercise you love and do it for 5-10 minutes. Maybe it’s yoga, maybe it’s pilates, or maybe you like something more active like running or HIIT, or maybe try one of those 7-Min Workouts. Before you know it, you’ll have enough energy to keep you going the entire day.
  3. Create a vision board. Don’t worry, I got you all covered on this one as next week’s post will feature a tutorial on how to make your own Feng Shui Vision Board. Don’t forget to put it in a place where you’ll see it right as you get up.
  4. Make a fun to-do list. We’re so used to doing to-do lists for work or for various projects we’re working on, but we rarely do one for our fun things. Right now my fun to-do list includes planning a trip, trying on a new hike I just found out about and experimenting with some new nail polish colors.
  5. Get rid of the clutter in your life. Sell it, donate it, trade it! Just pack it up and get it out of your space. This one goes for the negative people cluttering your life too. Just let them go.
  6. Set your reading time. If you take public transportation, use that time to read something every day. If you don’t just set up reading time every week. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Maybe just 10 minutes at a time or maybe plan a lazy Saturday of reading. Before you know it, you’ll be finishing a book a month.
  7. Keep your place organized and clean. This way, you will love coming home and won’t freak out when you get unexpected company.

When we transform our relationship to something, the very nature of the partnership changes. With the Super New Moon in Gemini this Thursday, the start of a new cycle for everyone from an astrological perspective, as well as the start of Ramadan, what are some things you can do to enrich your life today?

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