Before You Give Up

This past weekend, Adrian Balllinger and Cory Richards attempted to summit the Everest with no supplemental oxygen. This was their second attempt. They attempted the same thing last year with Cory reaching the top and Adrian having to stop less than 1000 ft shy of the top. Climbing the Everest with oxygen tanks is a feat in itself, but climbing it with no oxygen is a crazy adventure to begin with, The air is so thin and so cold at that altitude, your body and brain begins to shut down, which is why only few people attempt to do it.

As they were doing their summit push with their trusted sherpas, I was following along on their #EverestNoFilter Snapchat. Since actually Snapchatting on the everest would have been impossible, Emily Harrington, Adrian’s girlfriend was Snapchatting on their behalf with updates from the mountain.

There was a point during the ascent when Cory wasn’t feeling well at all and decided to turn back. While it was a sad and a tough decision, safety is the first priority on Everest and Cory knew better than to challenge the mighty mountain. I remember seeing the sadness on Emily’s face when she announced that Cory was turning back and Adrian was still pushing for the summit. As a climber herself, who had summited the Everest in the past, she knew better than anyone how tough that decision was. Yet less than an hour later, a new decision came in. After deciding to turn back and starting to head down, Cory decided he was too close to the top to give up, yet it was too unsafe for him to climb without supplemental oxygen, and this was the Twitter update from his account.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 3.30.37 PM

It got me thinking about all the times we give up because things are looking dire, about those moments when we have all the reasons to give up, yet we look for that ultimate solution, that Hail Mary, that answer that may not look exactly how we thought it would, yet it takes us to the same result. Cory wanted to make it to the top again with no supplemental oxygen, but when when that seemed impossible, he didn’t forgo the goal because he was having a hard time with the path he had chosen. Instead, he took a minute, reassessed the situation and decided to still go for his goal, but this time with the support of supplemental oxygen. A few hours later, this happened.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 3.38.39 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 3.38.59 PM

So if you’re at a point it your life when you feel like giving up, take a minute, assess the situation, see if you can try another path that will help you achieve your goal!

Before you give up…TRY AGAIN!

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