Falling In Love In A Country Song

I have to admit I didn’t expect to love Austin. I went on the trip more on a whim. My friend was going and one night as we were walking on the Venice Canals with his puppy and talking about upcoming weekend plans. He was going to Austin and casually said that I’m welcome to join if I want to. On yet another whim, I checked plane tickets and realized the trip was quite doable. I booked my ticket the next day and a couple of weeks later I landed in Austin.


The first thing I remember was how hot it was, 105F to be exact and humid…so humid it felt like a steam room, but I somehow still fell in love. I fell in love the way you fall in love with someone when you see them exhausted and at the end of the road, but somehow all your see is the beauty.

Here are a few things that took my breath away:

  • Everyone, and I mean literally everyone is nice and helpful. Yes I know it’s Texas, but I’ve lived in NY (know for its brevity) and LA (known for its flakiness)
  • Even drivers are nice. There’s no cutting, no road rage, no interminable honking… or maybe I just got lucky and didn’t experience any of that
  • There’s live music everywhere. Yes everywhere. Even the donut shop had a stage for live music. And the music is good
  • There’s art everywhere. Yes there are museums and established artists, but then again it seems like every other person is actually an artist
  • The food is so delicious. I’m not much of a foodie, yet I can appreciate amazing food and that’s exactly what I got in Austin
  • It’s green. There are parks, hikes, trails, cliffs, and all the good things for an outdoors enthusiast.
  • It’s active. Maybe it’s because the beautiful outdoors are so accessible, but Austinites as they like to call themselves are active even in the heat waves or the summer storms


Austin took me by surprise and made me fall in love with it. It was just like one of those blind dates your friends set you up on, those dates when you’re not expecting much, yet everything is amazing, the ones that leave you smiling and with that tingly feeling, the ones that turn into love and completely sweep you off your feet.

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