A Tantris Experience

A few weeks ago I went to an event at Tantris Yoga which included a Hot Yoga Flow class. I’ve done hot yoga before, I did Bikram yoga for years (way before the accusations started), yet nothing felt as magical as this class.It all started with walking into the studio. One would think that being on Sunset Blvd. would make a place noisy and alert, but Tantris is peaceful and inviting. The moment I stepped in, I was welcomed with a lot of joy and a wonderful calming scent. Walking towards the back and going upstairs to the studio feels like a journey into a forgotten world full of beautiful clothing, enchanting jewelry and beautiful scents.


And then there was the class, warmed up to 100F using infrared, with the lights slightly dimmed, beautiful music playing and the smell of calming oils. Meditation is part of the practice, something that I’ve missed in a lot of yoga studios. Somehow yoga has become more of this physical practice without the spiritual part or at times the spiritual practice is reserved for a minute or two at the end of class, but at Tantris the spiritual part is just as important as the physical one. Every posture, every song, every direction given is infused with a soothing meditation feel that transcends the body. While my body followed directions, my mind was settling into a meditation practice, slowly whispering my mantra, going deeper and deeper into the peace of the universe.

I’ve been taking yoga for years and have tried more than 20 studios around the world (including studios in India), yet this was the first one where the practice seems to easily transcend the physical realm and take practitioners into a world of peace, light, quietness and love.

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