Does It All Add Up?

20170625_165141I was driving back home from a yoga and meditation class this weekend and the One Republic song “I Lived” came up on my Google Music. I’ve loved the song from the first time I heard it, but this time, the following lyrics stood out to me.

“Hope that you spend your days
But they all add up
And when that sun goes down
Hope you raise your cup”

We do so many little things every day, sometimes it feels like we’re wasting our time, other times it feels like we did something important. There are times where the entireworld just falls into place and other times when it completely falls apart. Yet, we always have the opportunity to learn from our experiences, to add them all up, to take the leap of faith, to embrace the unknown, to make room for the possibility of something greater to arise. We get the chance to add it all up into the great experience that makes our existence, to make our time here worthwhile, to be a better person each day, to never willfully hurt anyone, but to treat everyone with kindness and compassion.

It got me thinking about all the moments in my life when I felt discouraged and how all those moments added up to my celebration of life and it also got me thinking of moments like today when every day feels like a celebration and how everything I’ve done so far has added up to an unbelievable experience.

Here’s to all the leaps of faith when I fell flat on my face and to the ones that turned into life-changing experiences, here’s to everything adding up and to raising my glass to celebrate life with everything it brings.

“Hope when you take that jump
You don’t feel the fall”

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