What Exactly Does Meditation Feel Like?

IMG_20170809_193009-EFFECTSThere are plenty of studies out there about what meditation does and how it literally changes your brain if done consistently. Just a simple Google search will reveal every single benefit you can think of. But what does it feel like, how do you know you’re doing it right and you will get the long term benefits promised, how do you approach it if you’re an overthinking strategist who wants to know the exact steps of what it’s supposed to feel like during it, after it and to quote my friend “how you know when you’ve reached meditation”. You guessed it, he’s the overthinking strategist type. As we were having a conversation about it and I tried to convey that it’s not about “reaching meditation”, but simply about meditating, the following comparison dawned on me and I think it will resonate with a lot of people who are still trying to crack this meditation thing.

Meditation is like flossing. None of us are 100% sure we’re doing it right, but we do our best every time. The feeling after a good meditation session is a clean mind, just like the feeling after flossing is clean teeth, but the true value of it is seen over time when your brain chances, your life improves and even though it seemed like nothing was different, everything has indeed changed. On the same token, the value of flossing is usually discovered during a check-up and clean-up, when the dentist simply says: your teeth look very clean, you no tartar on them, no cavities, no plaque.

And just like flossing, meditation is most efficient when done every day. So next time you try it, instead of making sure you have the perfect lotus position or getting upset because you can’t seem to banish every thought from your mind, just apply the same principles as flossing. Do the best you can and do it every day!

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