Out Of Nowhere Things Just Seem To Work Out

There’s this street in LA, Pickford where Google Maps seems to always want to redirect me whenever there’s a lot of traffic. The first time I went on the street, I didn’t think much of it until the Google lady (as I endearingly call her) on my phone asked me to cross La Cienega. Now crossing La Cienega from a little street with no stop light sounds like a terrible idea, so terrible that I found myself talking back to Google and saying “what’s wrong with you that you’d ask me to cross La Cienega here?” – yeah, I was talking back to a machine, don’t pretend you’ve never done it!


As I was waiting at the stop sign, waiting for an opening in traffic that would allow me to cross this 6-lane avenue swiftly, something happened. For a quick moment, it actually cleared up enough for me and the two other cars behind me pass. Something about how the lights are synchronized at the end of the street actually allows for this perfect moment when all the traffic stops in this little section. I was so surprised by it that the next few times I went down Pickford again, I wondered if I would have the same luck again. And I did because it wasn’t just luck, it was a carefully planned and timed situation that allowed for a fantastic shortcut and a lot of avoiding traffic.

It got me thinking about all the times in life when it seems like we’ve been taken down the wrong path only to have a fantastic opportunity revealed. All the times we get to a stop sign and the cross-traffic seems to never end, yet if you keep an eye on it, stay patient and ready to jump at the opportunity, you will get your break in everything that seems to go against you.

I somehow take that street instinctively now whenever I need to cut through traffic because I know there will be an opening in the road for me. The bigger question though is where else in our lives do we think there’s no way until a way just simply opens up and how can we find our Pickford street in other areas of our lives.

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