Celebrate The Things That Make You Different

I had the amazing pleasure of seeing The Greatest Showman last night, the new 20th Century Fox musical with Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, and Zendaya. The movie is breathtaking to say the least. Everything from the music and dancing to the acting, the character development, the beautiful camera action. I was entrapped, mesmerized, fascinated. We walked into the theater tired after a long day, exhausted after a tough year and walked out dancing, laughing, full of energy an amazement. The movie transported us into a world of potential, a world where we were happy to celebrate everything that makes us different instead of hiding it away, a state of mind where we are not ashamed of who we are, but we celebrate our uniqueness with joy, dance, and laughter.
It got me thinking about all the times I’ve tried to hide the things that make me different, the things that make stand out, just because I was trying to fit in with a group of people or a world that wanted me to stay in line. I’ve never really been good about staying in line, about following the rules, about doing the things I was supposed or expected to do. But this rebellion has always come with a price. I’ve faced immense successes, but also rejections, I’ve had people try to shame me for who I am and also people who’ve rejoiced with me. Which got me thinking, if people are going to judge anyway, if the world is going to decide if you worthy or not based on whether you fit in or not, why not just embrace your “different” self, celebrate who you are every day, enjoy the wonders that only you can bring to the world!

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