Enough With The Resolutions!

It’s not news anymore. At the end of every year, we all set these impressive resolutions and we are filled with hope and excitement about achieving everything we could dream of. The gyms are full, the continuing education classes are waitlist only, grocery stores are selling more organic, gluten-free, sugar-free food and less “unhealthy” food, people everywhere are pushing forward with their New Year’s resolutions. That is up until about the second week of February. The second week of February is the time of the year by which most people (at least 80% to be exact) have ditched their New Year’s resolutions in favor of those old and comfortable habits.

IMG_20171229_115439_193So why even set resolutions to begin with? Resolutions give us hope of a better future, of a better us that can look back on the upcoming year and say “remember when I decided to do this.” It’s inspiring and uplifting to set up a resolution, it gives us that sense of purpose, the sense of a new beginning. But what if we just said “Enough with the resolutions! Let’s set an intention!”

You might ask what’s so different about an intention vs. a resolution. Well a resolution is often a dream, something that looks and feels good, but unless it’s broken down in actionable steps and intents, it serves no other purpose than to keep up excited for a moment. An intention on the other hand is an action, something that defines you no matter where you are in your life and what your goals are. An intention is something that keeps you grounded in your vision and in the reality at the same time.

So get your intentions ready and make 2018 the best year yet!

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