When Dreams Come True

This past weekend I got an opportunity to see dreams come true. This time around, they weren’t my dreams, even though I’ve been lucky enough to have my dreams come true in an unexpected way. The world watched in awe as Mexico beat Germany in the World Cup, the previous champion of the world, in a fantastic game of power, hope, and the courage to believe in the impossible.


We don’t really take this into account often enough, but sometimes these soccer players who make history are barely adults themselves, some of them still in the teen years, others that just left them behind a couple of years ago.

It got me thinking about the courage to believe in seemingly impossible dreams, the power to stand in front of a huge challenge and just say: “I will overcome this! I will step up, stand proud, and do everything I can to make this dream come true. For one moment in time, I will give it everything I have.” How many times do we actually have the courage to do that? To stand in our power, to believe with everything we have in the power of our dreams.

So take the opportunity this week to stand tall in front of a dream you once thought impossible and give it everything you got. Chances are, you might go farther than you thought you could!

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